Cocoon SRL,based in Lissone, in the province of Monza and Brianza, is a point of reference in the packaging sector. In addition to providing a wide variety of materials and products for safe and resistant packaging, the Lombard company provides a rich catalogue of accessories for every need in the packaging business.

    Accessories for packaging and markings

    Among the marking tools and accessories supplied by Cocoon we can note: marking inks, adhesive tapes (simple or reinforced), reinforced stretch tapes to specific Mil PPPT-60-E, printed tapes and reinforced cloth tape.

    The Cocoon catalogue also includes many other accessories for packaging, suitable for every need, such as:

    • Eolo, air intake pipe
    • angle protection for straps
    • packing tables with rig
    • reel holder with cutter
    • propane guns for heat-shrinking
    • envelopes and document holders
    • automatic film stretchers
    • inspection doors and ventilation grids
    • angles and brackets
    • security seals and tapes
    • automatic strapping tool
    • battery heaters and welders

    For information on Cocoon packaging and wrapping accessories make sure to contact the Company in the Contact area of the site.