A technologically advanced fabric

One of the most efficient products that Cocoon SRL offers its customers is also a cotton cloth impregnated with microcrystalline wax and coupled with plastic or aluminum film. Given its particular modeling and self-weldability feature, it is used for impact and oxidation protection, for  mechanical parts such as tools, shafts, pins, threaded parts, toothed crowns, lapped slides, etc., and if oiled too. Its particular composition makes it malleable and able to perfectly wrap the piece and protect it from perforation and tear as well as being waterproof.

The modeling cloths are supplied in reels of height 1 m or 250 mm.

Moldable fabrics and other high quality products

Moldable fabrics are, however, only one of the many packaging items offered by the company, which has always been accustomed to working by settling on very high quality standards: its articles meet specifications of the US military MIL, and the German DIN . This should in itself be a great guarantee of quality for all customers, since military expeditions, which include expensive and complex equipment, often travel in prohibitive scenarios,and are notoriously the most demanding from a logistic point of view.

    The best of technology at you service

    When dealing with Cocoon, which is located near Milan, in Lissone ( province of Monza and Brianza), you can therefore take advantage of film and fabrics for packaging that are able to withstand any environmental condition.