Data logger ShockLog recorder

Data loggers, humidity and temperature ShockLog recorder

Data logger Shocklog recorder

ShockLogs monitor and record shocks, vibrations, temperature and humidity on any type of product, in transit or in storage.

The ShockLog Data Logger, thanks to the high sensitivity, the programmable measurement thresholds, the ability to intelligently vary the storage methods and the real-time sending of alert messages is an ideal tool for collecting transport data.

Accurately records the time and nature of the stresses, provides a complete picture of the trip, allowing you to trace the probable causes of any damage.

The use of the ShockLog to monitor a transport is tangible proof of the quality and attention paid to the goods in transit.

Data logger ShockLog recorder

The most updated generation of the ShockLog line, designed to monitor shocks and vibrations, employs a sophisticated accelerometric triad and can be used in various industrial and research sectors even in very severe environmental conditions.

The intuitive software supplied allows you to program the unit according to the measurement needs, and in particular to configure the “wake up”, “warning” and “alarm” thresholds.

When a programmed threshold level is exceeded, the event will be recorded in the internal memory, the evidence of this is reported through the switching on of the corresponding LED light on the unit body.


  • Transport of products or works in the sectors: Cultural, Chemical, Nuclear, Military
  • Logistics
  • Structural of buildings and works of art
  • During the construction phases
  • Process analysis
  • Packaging verification and evaluation