Thermo-sealers for packaging

Heat sealers are tools for packaging that use envelopes, film and plastic film. Their function is to obtain, by means of heat production, fixing and the hermetic closing of the plastic surfaces (in some cases with a vacuum condition). For those who work in certain fields of logistics the use of a heat sealer is therefore practically indispensable for packaging operations optimization.

    Portable and benchtop sealers

    Cocoon SRL, based in Lissone, province of Monza and Brianza, specialized in the production and sale of materials and equipment for packaging, offers its customers heat sealers versions with rods, rotary or bench-based, able to guarantee a high level of safety on the hermetic seal, without risk of errors or defects (which can be very costly in this business).

    In particular, our compani provides:

    portable and bench sealing machines

    • portable heat sealer pliers
    • manual continuous heat sealers
    • motorized heat-sealing pliers
    • Bench-mounted heat sealers for barrier film
    • bell vacuum sealers
    • printing accessories for bench heat sealers

    If you wish to receive more detailed information on thermo sealers send a request through the appropriate section of this site dedicated to contacts.