For safe and guaranteed transport and delivery

Cocoon, based in Lissone (province of Monza and Brianza), is a company of primary importance in the packaging sector. Its products guarantee the perfect preservation from humidity, light and thermal shocks.

In order to check that shipments are handled appropriately and to ensure optimal and safe transport, it is possible to equip packages with different indicators.

    Humidity, temperature, shock indicators

    According to your needs you can choose between different models of indicators for packaging, such as:

    • Overturning indicators which, thanks to a light indicator,notifies if the product has been turned upside down during transport or storage;

    The hard plastic protection resists attempts at falsification, atmospheric conditions and humidity.

    • Metal or plastic humidity indicators, which indicate the percentage of humidity inside a package during transport or storage; generally used together with dessiccants (silica gel and clay).
    • Temperature indicators which show the maximum or minimum temperature at which the goods were subjected.
    • SHOCKWATCH impact indicators, useful for fragile or sensitive goods. Detect and record impacts or mishandling during transport.

    Our staff of qualified technicians is at your disposal in order to find together the best solution for your needs.