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Cocoon manufactures and supplies packaging products of high quality for companies throughout Italy and internationally since 1948. Thanks to our experience we are able to provide the utmost professionalism in the creation of resistant and safe packaging materials for all types of goods. We create packaging for any type of transport and shipment goods, guaranteeing maximum protection and safety.
With its staff of expert industrial packaging technicians, Cocoon finds the best solution for the creation of customized packaging for your goods.

Our company has become a reference point for its packaging, managing to meet all kinds of problems with packaging products of great quality and tailor-made solutions for every need.

Contact Cocoon srl packaging professionals, we will help your company to protect and transport your goods in maximum safety.

Cocoon, packaging products for every need

Using quality products and materials is essential to create packaging that is safe and perfectly preserves the goods transported.
Cocoon in its catalog offers a wide range of products for the packaging of your goods, such as:

Cocoon offers you the best packaging products, with durable and quality materials to protect your goods.

Packaging solutions in every situation


Cocoon offers the packaging solution in any situation, such as air, sea, land and long-term warehouse storage. Working alongside companies to design safe and quality packaging, Cocoon has gained experience to provide packaging solutions suitable for all transport and storage conditions . Quality of materials and tailor-made design are the strength of our packaging.

imballaggi per spedizione aerea - cocoon milano
imballaggi per trasporti via mare - cocoon milano
imballaggi per trasporti camion - cocoon
imballaggi per trasporti - cocoon milano

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