Straps and inflatable cushions are widely used devices for packing goods and products of various kinds. Cocoon SRL, based in Lissone, in the province of Monza and Brianza, offers a wide variety of packaging materials, for every transport and logistic need.

Packing with polyester and fabric straps

Cocoon provides a wide range of:

  • composite strains produced with high-tenacity polyester yarn and coated with a mixture of materials that give the structure a high tensile strength (up to 5000 daN);
  • fabrics made of high-tenacity intertwined wire (tensile strength up to 6000 daN).

Cocoon straps, applicable in total safety, do not rust, can be readjusted and guarantee a high resistance to abrasion, at temperatures ranging from – 40 ° C to + 75 ° C and to chemical effects.

Cocoon also provides:

  • manual strapping tools, for polyester and fabric straps
  • angle protection for straps
  • reel holder for medium / high width straps.
  • high strength seals

    Inflatable cushions

    Inflatable load stabilizing cushions, made of Kraft paper, are inflated with compressed air gun to fill the spaces between loads stowed in transport: thanks to this locking method it will be possible to avoid harmful movements.