Cocoon industrial packaging delivers products specifically designed for packaging of land shipments, and any other type of packaging solutions.

Overland shipments are mainly used to send goods in containers on short-haul routes, both road and rail, with the ability to transport products of different sizes and weights.

Shipments of goods by land require packaging products that are able to protect goods efficiently from shocks, temperature changes, humidity and roll-over; Cocoon industrial packaging provides a wide range of packaging for land transport and custom flexible packaging.

Land transport packaging products of Cocoon industrial packaging are designed to solve all needs related to this type of shipment.

During transport by land products are subject to physical and chemical damage and therefore require protectection via specific transport packaging.

The packaging materials for land transport of Cocoon Industrial Packaging will protect goods from oxidation, impacts,roll-over, from condensation in and on the packaging due to temperature variations and living micro-organisms that can attack non-metallic materials.

The rules for the production of land transport packaging of Cocoon industrial packaging are dictated by the general use for the protection and conservation of materials reserved for the armed forces and ensure a high quality.

Packaging for transport by land must ensure adequate protection of goods and it is therefore necessary to use transport packaging specifically designed to respond adequately to any kind of stress during transport.

We take care of your goods with all our products for land transport packaging such as:

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