The Company

Cocoon, leading company in the field of industrial packaging , packaging materials and customized protective special packaging, is based in Lissone (MB),15 km from Milan.
We have been operating in the packaging sector since 1948, producing packaging and packaging materials with international distribution.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years in the field of packaging materials and the quality achieved in all our products we are able to solve any problem of industrial packaging,from protection from impacts to corrosion in every production environment, delivering packaging solution for every need.

All our packaging materials are used to protect any type of product, ensuring perfect storage from external sources such as moisture, light, pollution or thermal shocks.

Cocoon supplies packaging materials and customized packaging to various italian companies, from electronics to mechanics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals aswell as many others.

Cocoon’s customized packaging products and flexible packaging products are used to protect any material.
They are irreplaceable in air shipping, sea shipping, land shipping and in long-term storage.

Cocoon packaging materials are also ideal in tropical or glacial climates as they guarantee the perfect preservation of packaged products.

Cocoon industrial packaging working space consists of 2 warehouses of about 3000 square meters total in Lissone (MB).

With its staff of technicians Cocoon offers free advice for the realization of customized packaging for protection of every kind of item in the field of industrial packaging.

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