Dessiccants for packaging purposes are needed whenever transporting goods that require strict control of humidity levels within the containers.

They are hygroscopic compounds that are non soluble and avoid every corrosion problem.

They can be composed of:

  • clays
  • aluminum
  • Silica gel
  • Other specific products

Cocoon company SRL based in Lissone, (province of Monza and Brianza), is a company of primary importance in the industrial packaging sector.
Since 1948, it develops and sells solutions for all types of packaging. In collaboration with the most competent industries in the sector worldwide, it also deals with dehydrating salts and humidity indicators for barrier linings and containers.

umidità per grandi trasporti in tutto mondo

    Our Mil spec dessiccants

    MIL D 3464 desiccants such as Clay, Silica Gel, Molecular Combing contain hygroscopic and perfectly neutral substances that do not melt and do not suffer from corrosion. The desiccants used inside the barrier liners or in containers lower the degree of humidity up to the dryness threshold, which is between 20 and 40% relative humidity (U.R.).

    Molecular combing

    Our molecular combing, available in various granulometries, are mainly used for rapid dehydration and purification of liquid and gas.

    Positioning of desiccants

    The positioning of the desiccant salts in the containers can take the form of tablets or pouches, and the latter can also be arranged by means of adhesive films for surface protection outside the containers.