Using the right materials and products for the packaging of your goods is essential to guarantee their integrity and protection during any type of transport. Coocon srl provides national and international companies with a vast catalog of products for packaging and wrapping goods, able to satisfy any type of request in a short time. Each commodity requires specific packaging products, based on the material to be protected and the transport it will have to face. Stretch films for packaging, antistatic materials for the protection of electronic components, straps and load stabilizers are just some of the packaging products needed for guarantee the integrity of the goods transported.
Cocoon knows that it is essential for companies to guarantee the integrity of goods during transport, which is why it provides quality packaging products , studying the best solution for every need.
For the production of its materials Cocoon uses the most advanced technologies, in order to create the best packaging for your products.

Products and materials for your packaging

Cocoon offers a wide range of products and materials for packaging , protective and able to preserve the goods during the transport and storage phases. Among our products you can find:

All Cocoon packaging products guarantee the perfect preservation of the contained materials, which are kept away from shocks, humidity and thermal shocks.


Packaging since 1948

For over 50 years we have been supplying companies, from Milan to the international level, with the best products for packaging their goods. The materials made by Cocoon guarantee resistant packaging that will allow to keep the value of the goods intact during their transport.