Containment nets ideal for goods packed with linings of any material
The containment networks

they are the perfect solution for large and palletized packaging.

To secure and contain packaging with shrink-wrap polyethylene lining, it is recommended to use Cocoon polyester nets

Containment networks


They are particularly suitable for industrial packaging operations.
Cocoon polyethylene nets are made of high strength synthetic fibers.

They are water-repellent nets, resistant to oils and greases and to UV rays, soft and easy to handle, easy to apply and use, also adapts to parts with an irregular profile to ensure transport safety.

The function of the nets is to ensure the protection of the packaging with the shrink film and to contain the irregularities of the load during handling.

Packaging nets

They are used to contain loads in the phases of goods transport. Ideal for avoiding breakage of shrink film and barrier material.

For non-standard products of any shape and size, the use of Cocoon containment nets is ideal as they are resistant and easily adaptable.

The Cocoon line of accessories for packaging, suitably designed for safe industrial shipments, includes the tubular plastic, heat-shrink and containment mesh, which by holding the packaging firmly ensures greater protection of the internal goods.