Cocoon industrial packaging offers every kind of packaging solutions related to packaging materials and produces materials specifically designed for shipping packaging.

Maritime shipping is generally less expensive than other types of shipments, therefore preferable in the case of bulky, heavy goods which do not require fast delivery times.

Shipment of goods by sea requires maritime shipping packaging products that are able to adequately protect products from oxidation, water vapor, water, brackish air, heat, cold, light, electrolytic action and from living micro-organisms.

During shipping by sea materials are continuously subjected to physical-chemical damage.

We will require a package for specific sea transport that protects the goods from:


1) Oxidation following the action of gas components on the surface of the materials.

2) The water vapor of which the external atmosphere is charged passing through the inner atmosphere of the packaging and creating condensation due to a decrease in temperature.

3) The water that the packaging can be in contact with. This often occurs when the materials lie in the open; when the materials are transported in containers on wagons that are uncovered, and when in areas without port facilities or for long periods on platforms of stations or ports.

4) The action of salty air mainly during sea transport.

5) Heat, cold, sunlight that can cause deterioration of the material even where there is no corrosion or mold growth.


  • Effects caused by heat;

Chemical modifications (in case of photographic films, dry cells, etc.) softening of substances with a low melting point (case of asphaltic compounds, etc.).

  • Effects caused by cold;

Cracks, explosions (in case of rubber materials, batteries, bottles, metal boxes containing liquids, etc.).

  • Effects caused by sunrays;

Deterioration of organic substances, cracking, color change, etc.

Packaging products for sea transportation of Cocoon industrial packaging are designed to solve all needs related to this type of shipment.

The packaging materials of Cocoon Industrial
Packaging will adequately protect the goods during loading, unloading and transport phases on ship.

Cocoon’s packaging standards for sea transport packaging are dictated by the general use for the protection and conservation of materials reserved for the armed forces and guarantee a high quality.

We take care of your goods with all our products for sea transportation packaging such as:

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