In the field of logistics not only it is important to access high-quality packaging materials (for example protective film able protect goods from shocks, temperature changes, humidity, etc.), but also to have the appropriate equipment for technical execution of packaging.

Only if the latter is carried out impeccably, you will have the certainty that the materials used will perform accordingly to their potential; on the contrary, badly executed packaging will completely nullify the high quality level of the materials.

Packaging machinery and anti-shock protection

Cocoon SRL supplies packaging machines and equipment, such as:
• vacuum machines
• automatic foaming machines (bags)
• preforming guns
air bubble machines

The use of these machines and equipment provides a simpler and more effective use of materials.

Anti-shock guards: the complete range

Among shockproof materials supplied by the company we note:

• polyurethane and foams and preformed
• paper filling systems
• expanded agglomerates
• Arpack
• shaped profiles (expanded polyethylene)
• polystyrene or eco flakes
• polyphryne
• Sicurbox boxes
• anti-shock bags

Cocoon srl is based in Lissone, in the province of Monza and Brianza, but distributes its products internationally

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