The importance of plastic film in packaging

Plastic film represents one of the universally adopted solutions in the field of logistics; these are films made with special combinations of polymers and specially designed to withstand certain harsh environmental conditions.
There is of course a huge variety of films, ranging from simple plastic film for low-risk products (which will not face complicated shipment), to films used to transport delicate, expensive or dangerous materials, or intended to travel in prohibitive conditions; the latter can be equipped with anti-static or conductive or insulating features, to withstand thermal changes.

Packaging technologies

Cocoon SRL, based in Lissone (Monza and Brianza), is a company specialized in the production and distribution of technologically advanced packaging materials, in use, for example, in military logistics. It infact also has special plastic films in response to MIL specifications of US Army and German Army.

Advice for packaging

Thanks to its long experience in the field of materials for the packaging and protection of goods, Cocoon is now able to provide an efficient consultancy service on the subject, thanks to which customers can be directed towards the type of plastic film and the form of packaging service suitable.