Cocoon industrial packaging offers an array of packaging solutions related to packaging materials and produces long-term storage packages specifically designed for this purpose.

Generally goods destined for storage require long-lasting packaging products.

Therefore, long-lasting packaging will be required; in practice we enclose the individually packed pieces in a single final container.

That said, the packaging is divided into:

  • Single packaging
  • Intermediate packaging
  • Final or storage packaging.


The material will therefore be subjected to the following operations:

1) physical-chemical protection which must be provided by individual long-lasting packaging.

(we must not rely on precautions taken against the storage unit but on precautions taken  onto the individual pieces).

2) impact protection (intermediate packaging). In regard, we use custom-made packaging, with anti-shock products and straps.

3) coating by barrier film, customized flexible packaging and desiccants, before the product is enclosed in the storage container.

The storage of goods in stock requires long-lasting packaging products able to adequately protect products from oxidation, water vapor, heat, cold, sunlight, electrolytic action and from any living micro-organisms.

During storage the materials are continually subjected to physical-chemical damage, generally three different long-lasting packages are identified:

  1. METROPOLITAN TYPE. This long-lasting packaging is reserved for materials in the absence of special indications concerning storage time. This time should be considered indicatively over a year, provided that the material is not exposed to the elements.

The metropolitan packaging includes:

1 – A barrier of waterproof Kraft paper or custom flexible packaging in barrier film.

2 – Cardboard box or other type of package.

3 – Possible fastening supports and dessiccant compounds.

4 – Final mechanical protection.

5 – Dehydrating bags.

  1.  OVERSEA TYPE. This long-lasting packaging is reserved for materials whose place of
  2. warehouse storage is located in areas exposed to the weather and therefore subject to the action of the water, salty air or even salt itself.

The expected storage time is approximately one year; for longer durations we recommend the use of customized packaging in barrier film and dehydrating bags.

Oversea packaging includes:

1° – Customized packaging with waterproof anti-grease Kraft paper,barrier film, anti-corrosive VCI

2° – Cardboard box or other package

3° – Adequate amount of desiccant and possible fastening supports as belts and shockproof rigs.

4° – A barrier impermeable to water and water vapor with barrier film

5° – Final packaging for warehouse storage.



This packaging is reserved for materials stored in countries with a tropical / glacial climate, or whose destination involves passing through similar areas. The industrial packaging specifications will be the same.

Overseas, but with different flexible customized packaging and the amount of dessiccant will be increased by 5 times.

Cocoon industrial packaging provides all the assistance of its experts who will help with any particular problem related to products for long-term packaging.

We take care of your goods with all our long-term storage packaging materials such as:

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