Packaging solutions

Cocoon professionals offer companies solutions for packaging and transporting goods in any condition. Our expert industrial packaging consultants study the best solution to create tailor-made packaging for your goods. We have a very wide range of products and materials of the highest quality. This allows us to create tailor-made packaging solutions that can guarantee the safety and integrity of the goods throughout their transport.
A packaging designed ad hoc and professionally made is essential for companies, transporting their products in an unsafe way could in fact cause huge economic losses. Precisely for this reason it is essential to study the perfect packaging for each transport.
Thanks to over 50 years of experience in the packaging sector working alongside companies in Italy and around the world, Cocoon will be able to help you by meeting every need.

Packaging for all conditions of transport and storage

The different transport needs make it necessary to have tailor-made packaging , able to protect the goods while preserving their integrity and value. Each mode of transport requires specific precautions, for this reason Cocoon designs tailor-made solutions for packaging , carefully considering the characteristics of the goods and the transport conditions.

For shipments by sea , by air , by land and for the storage of goods in the warehouse, we respond to your needs of your company with professional and tailor-made packaging.

Tailor-made packaging solutions

We create tailor-made solutions for company packaging, studying the best way to protect goods during transport.
Our work starts from design , in which the characteristics of the goods and the transport conditions are carefully considered. So we decide on the best products suitable for the situation and create perfect packaging.
We take into account the particular needs of the product and the risks that could arise during transport such as shocks, humidity and corrosion.
The study and design by our expert consultants is a fundamental step to create a packaging that is really able to protect and preserve the value of the goods transported.

Find out how Cocoon can help your business with the best packaging solutions