Anti-static and conductive film is a plastic article with necessary features for packaging certain products, such as electronics that need specific protection. A good packaging should be able to prevent damage from shocks, moisture and thermal variations as well as possible damage from electrical charges caused by events such as rubbing against metal surfaces.

    Packaging and protection for electronics

    Cocoon SRL from Lissone offers many solutions for electronic components protection from electrostatic and electromagnetic charges, in the form of a wide array of specifically treated films, envelopes, sponges and boxes.
    Films can be permanently anti-static or with 8/12/24 months expire dates. The Company has been engaged in the industry for the past 60 years and provides, amongst others, these products:

    • Honeycombing for packaging
    • Anti-oxidant protection
    • Thermo-Retractable hoods
    • Air cushions for packaging
    • Extensible film
    • Humidity indicators
    • Rolls of film
    • Anti-corrosion protection

    Thanks to the highest quality standards achieved Cocoon operates as packaging provider for many companies, Esercito Italiano and NATO.