ASPION G-Log, CRT12 and SHOCKLOG RD298 data loggers

Shock temperature humidity data logger

Cocoon offers you a complete range of data loggers that allow you to log and archive data related to your shipments of heat-sensitive, oxidizable and fragile or shock-sensitive products.

These highly reliable electronic data recorders allow you to make immediate decisions on the acceptance or rejection of a shipment and to have complete visibility of each critical phase of the shipment.

The data logger is an electronic device that allows you to measure and record both impact data and environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, continuously or at specific time intervals.

Data loggers are usually devices with a compact housing, powered autonomously by means of batteries.

The most popular recorders measure and record physical values such as: air temperature, relative humidity, triaxal shocks.

There are data loggers that record data and send them via a USB output, smart phone app and wireless NFC / BLE (Bluetooth). The data recorded by the data logger is saved on a computer and exported to PDF files, generally they are reusable tools such as the ASPION G-Log data logger.

There are also disposable USB data loggers that are used in the case of deliveries that need to be monitored and it is not convenient to return the instrument, such as the CRT12 / 12U data logger.

Data logger

of Cocoon record the data that can subsequently be read, processed and analyzed on the computer by a specific program supplied

There are basically two types of recorders on the market, disposable and reusable.

Disposable data loggers generally record one or two environmental parameters, while reusable ones are more complete and include triaxial impacts and geolocation upon arrival.

The fields of application of the data loggers are the most varied:

  • heat-sensitive goods
    • food, pharmaceutical industry
  • goods subject to oxidation
    • mechanical, electrical and electronic
  • fragile goods or goods to be protected from shocks