Cocoon industrial packaging offers several kinds of solutions related to air shipment materials and produces products specifically designed for air shipment packaging.

Generally air shipments are expensive, therefore to be preferred in the case of high value goods, small and medium packages and fast delivery times.

Shipment of goods by air requires air transport packaging products that are able to adequately protect and withstand pressure changes during the flight and shocks during loading and unloading.

The packaging products for air transport of Cocoon industrial packaging are designed to solve all the needs related to this type of shipment.

During air transport, the materials are subjected to physical and chemical damage, so they require  protection with air packaging-specific products.

The packaging materials of Cocoon Industrial Packaging will protect the goods from oxidation, from possible condensation on the packaging due to temperature variations and from living micro-organisms that can attack non-metallic materials.

Production standards of packaging products for air transport of Cocoon industrial packaging are dictated by the general use for the protection and conservation of materials reserved for the armed forces, thus ensuring high quality.

We take care of your goods with all our products for air shipment packaging, such as:

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