Military specification Barrier packaging by Cocoon SRL are constructed over plastic film, paper, fabric, polyester, PP, nylon supports with or without alluminum foil: they grant waterproofing and moisture resistance, light, UV and thermal resistance, withstand ripping, tearing and vacuuum.

They are used in packaging in order to get rid of every possible damage by oxidation possible during sea shipping and long-term storage in cold or tropical climates. They are delivered in spools, single folded, tubular, envelopes or liners that are customizable in size and type.

    Special Packaging

    The presence of barrier packaging film in the catalogue of the Company from Brianza ensures unmistakable levels of efficiency chosen by Esercito Italiano amongst the others.

    Packaging since 1948

    Cocoon SRL, based in Lissone (Monza e Brianza), has been operating in this compartment since 1948, following the evolution of contemporary logistics from the beginning to present technologies (it is well known that military logistic, especially  post ww2USA established present standards)