Dessiccant salts for packaging are indispensable whenever the goods must be protected from moisture inside a packaging made of plastic film or barrier film.

Desiccant salts for packaging are hygroscopic substances that are used to absorb the water vapor  that is contained in packages when they are sealed. The compounds are:

• clay

• silica gel

• molecular combing


Natural product consisting of natural calcic Bentonite

The clay bags absorb water vapor inside the packaging, protecting goods from damages caused by humidity both during transport and during storage.

This product is not dangerous.

Silica gel

The White Silica Gel is a synthetic product: chemically it is an amorphous silicon oxide, for its particularity is mainly used for packaging in the pharmaceutical and electronics sectors.

Molecular combing

Our molecular combing, available in various granulometries, are mainly used for rapid dehydration and purification of liquid and gas.

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    Our Mil spec dessiccants

    MIL D 3464 desiccants such as Clay, Silica Gel, Molecular Combing contain hygroscopic and perfectly neutral substances that do not melt and do not suffer from corrosion.

    They are used to absorb water vapor contained in packages when they are sealed, keeping the material at a fixed humidity level disregarding the humidity of outside air. To determine the amount of dessiccant salts to be used, it is necessary to evaluate the permeability of the package wrapping, the quantity of filler present in the packaging, storage time and size of the package itself.

    The desiccants used inside the barrier liners or in containers lower the degree of humidity up to the dryness threshold, which is between 20 and 40% relative humidity (U.R.).

    Cocoon company SRL based in Lissone, (province of Monza and Brianza), is a company of primary importance in the industrial packaging sector. It develops and markets solutions for every type of packaging, with dessiccant salts and humidity indicators for barrier lining and film.

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