Containment nets for packaging, tearproof

The containment networks

They are useful for further equipping the packaging with an anti-tear protection net to facilitate handling operations.

Made of high-strength synthetic fibers in polyethylene, water repellent, resistant to oils and greases and to UV rays, soft and easy to handle, easy to apply and use, it also adapts to parts with an irregular profile to ensure transport safety.

Suitable for the containment of loads in the phases of goods transfer, the containment net Ideal for avoiding breakage of the shrink film covers.

The containment nets are used in various industrial sectors and are the perfect solution for palletized and large packaging, used mostly in the field of packaging, they perform the function of securing and containing shrink-wrapped polyethylene packaging.

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    Protection nets

    The Cocoon line of accessories for packaging, suitably designed for safe industrial shipments by land and by sea, also includes the tubular plastic, shrink and containment mesh, which by keeping the packaging firmly in place, ensures greater protection of the internal goods.

    The wide range of packaging products in our catalog allow us to create special packaging and customized packaging that allow the correct preservation of each type of product over time.

    Packaging since 1948

    Cocoon s.r.l., based in Lissone (in the province of Monza and Brianza), has been present in the industrial packaging sector since 1948, and has contributed with new projects and new packaging products to the evolution of the contemporary packaging sector.

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