Antistatic and conductive films are plastic items indispensable for the packaging of a certain type of product (especially electronic products), which require specific protection in order to avoid damage of any kind. In addition to the danger of being shocked or damaged in contact with moisture (not to mention the unfavorable consequences of thermal shock) – all variables that good packaging should be able to prevent – there is also a possibility of damage due to accumulation of electric charges caused, for example, by rubbing against metal surfaces.

Packaging and protection of electronic components

In order to protect of electronic components from electrostatic and electromagnetic charges Cocoon SRL, based in Lissone, has a wide range of materials specifically treated in the form of films, envelopes, sponges and boxes. These films can be permanent anti-static or with an expire date of 8/12/12 months.

The packaging should be created in order to guarantee the products both from ESD and from damage due to shocks or atmospheric agents (dust, humidity), and according to dimensions and characteristics of the shipped item. For primary packaging (i.e. in contact with sensitive components) packaging materials must be used to ensure adequate protection against ESD. In the case of powered devices ( battery-powered electronic boards), anti-static bags must be used; in other cases it is preferable to use conductive envelopes or metallic envelopes with a shielding effect.

For secondary packaging that must meet a certain mechanical resistance the use of insulating packaging materials is allowed provided that they are not introduced into protected areas.

Our packaging materials respond to spec. Mil 81705-D.

Thanks to the very high quality standards achieved, Cocoon works as packaging supplier for manyimportant companies as well as for the Italian Army and for NATO.

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