Military-grade barrier film of Cocoon SRL are studied and realized in different compositions and are aimed at solving every need related to industrial packaging.

Barrier film guarantees waterproofing, resistance to moisture, light, temperature and UV rays; it i salso tearproof and has an excellent vacuum hold.

Barrier films are used as watertight packaging in order to protect goods from atmospheric agents during transport by sea, land and air transport, as well as long-term storage, even in extreme thermal conditions.

Barrier film is supplied in rolls, standard heights, single-fold, tubular, envelopes and custom lining.

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    Custom Packaging

    In industrial packaging customized packaging and customized industrial packaging are increasingly important, since incorrect packaging and conditioning can have serious consequences for the economic value and  safety of the packaged product.

    It is therefore imperative to provide the user with customized packaging that guarantees adequate protection, keeping the product in exactly the same conditions of use for which it was constructed.

    The wide range of barrier film in our catalog allows us to create special and customized packaging that allows the correct preservation over time of each type of product. Our barrier is made to military specifications and allows us to be suppliers, among others, of military institutions.

    Packaging since 1948

    Cocoon SRL, based in Lissone (province of Monza and Brianza), has been present in the industrial packaging sector since 1948, contributing with new projects and new products to the evolution of the contemporary packaging industry.

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